National policy
National policy/strategy or official recommendations on HIV testing?Yes
National policy/strategy document
Who can administer HIV tests?
Restrictions on who can legally administer HIV tests?Yes
Which groups can legally do HIV testing?
  • Specialist clinic staff (doctor and/nurse) only
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Free HIV testing
HIV testing free to all who want it?Yes for all
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Is free HIV testing available?Yes in certain places
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HIV testing restrictions
HIV testing access restricted for some groups/populations?No
Which groups are restricted
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Availability of testing in non-clinical settings
Is testing available in any of the following ways?
Postal HIV sampling legal?No
Home HIV testing legal?No
Community testing at NGOs legal?No
Community/outreach event testing legal?No
Rapid tests used by community based testing services/initiatives?
Anonymity/Confidentiality of HIV testing
Anonymous testing available?Yes
If yes, please give detailsOur respondents in country have reported that anonymous testing is available - but so far as yet we have not had any confirmation or further information about what information is recorded (if any) .
If not, why not, what sort of information is required and is there any promise of confidentiality?
Discrimination & equality
Legislation protecting the rights of people with HIV?Yes
Key documents
Further commentsInformation has been very difficult to find for Albania.
The only legislation regarding HIV that we know of is a draft proposal .
A special committee was set up in 2004 to review existing law and to consider whether criminal liability should be imposed for transmission of the virus.
The result of this committee was a 'draft law' covering all aspects of HIV/AIDS. It contained the following provisions :
Persons with HIV/AIDS shall have these obligations:
a) implement prevention and transmission of HIV to other people;
b) inform their spouses about the positive HIV test result;
c) other obligations provided for by this Law and other laws.
we have attached this 'draft' here - but would appreciate more recent information
Other key populations
Needle exchange available for people who inject drugs?Don't know
Further comments

Once again information has been very difficult to come across - the website of the organisation Aksion Plus reports that they are implementing a needle exchange programme in some 'hot spots' in the capital Tirana. Howeverit is unclear whether this programme is still active. 

Opiate substitution therapy available?Don't know
Further comments

Once again form the Aksion Plus site it is reported that they have the following programme 

  • Methadone Maintenance Program for nearly 120 clients. This program is supported by Soros (IHRD) and currently by GFATM
Are PWID (people who inject drugs) excluded from HIV treatment while actively using drugs?No
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Legal to sell sex?No
Further comments
Legal to buy sex?No
Further comments

The only site that we could find for this information was the USA state department : thought the 'illegality' of commercial sex work is also referred to in the strategy document uploaded. 

Access to HIV Treatment
Free access to HIV treatment?Yes, for all
Further comments
Status and access to HIV treatment and care in your country
Access to HIV treatment restricted for certain populations with HIV?No
Which groups are restricted?
If more than one of the above populations selected, please give more information
Country statusNon-EU / Non EFTA
Mobility in Europe
Do the following groups/populations have legal access to HIV treatment? (i.e provided on the same basis as citizens of the country)
Legal treatment access: Other EU migrant nationalsN/A
If yes but exceptions, please describe
Legal treatment access: general non-EU migrantsNo
If yes but exceptions, please describe
Legal treatment access: Non-EU migrants with asylum/refugee statusN/A
If yes but exceptions, please describe
Legal treatment access: Non-EU migrants who are undocumentedNo
If yes but exceptions, please describe
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Not known

About this data
Last minor revision9 November 2016
Last major revision1 December 2016
Published1 December 2016
Data sourcesAs well as responses from in-country individuals and organisations information and data was taken from the following sources:
Sex Work Laws
These included
The Global Network of Sex Work Projects and country sources and and
Drug use
Needle exchange information was taken from Harm Reduction International who have an interactive tool
Criminalisation of non-disclusure, exposure and transmission of HIV has useful info about the criminal law and is searchable by country as well as information at
MSM (2016)
Data contactsResponses were received from University Hospital Center of Mother Theresa, Tirana

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