Resources and Case Studies

As well as case studies  that are available on the Opttest Website (and listed under the Links to the OptTest site below) in the seven countries case studies and follow up work as a result of People Living with HIV Stigma Index was carried out demonstrating aspect of the ways that stigma impacts on the testing and care continuum.

These can be accessed here


Links to the OptTest site:

  1. Tip sheet: Common legal and regulatory barriers and how they restrict acces 
  2. Tip sheet: Identifying and proving local barriers to testing and treatment acces
  3. Tip sheet:The new testing strategies and where are they working - In Russian.
As well as case studies 

Challenging and changing regulatory restrictions to testing

  1. Case study: Organising a Europe-wide coalition to raise the profile of HIV testing (European HIV Testing Week)
  2. Case study: Meeting the challenge of restrictive testing regulations in the Ukraine
  3. Case study: Establishing a community testing facility in a regulatory restricted environment in Slovenia
  4. See also a Policy briefing on scaling up early diagnosis for HIV through diversifying HIV testing approaches beyond clinical settings here

Challenging and changing legal and regulatory barriers


Challenging and changing barriers to prevention and treatment


Tips for advocacy for legal and regulatory changes ('how to' guides)

  1. Simple principles for effective campaigning
  2. Constructing and comparing your continuum of care - In Russian.
  3. How to do a simple, quick, low cost survey of an issue?

  4. Getting the evidence for policy changes - In Russian.

  5. Building alliances between community, clinicians and public health

  6. Presenting the case to decision-makers and politicians - In Russian

  7. Influencing at conferences and other events

  8. Preparing for a meeting with a Government Minister or high level official - In Russian.

  9. What can we do when politicians ignore the evidence? - In Russian.

  10. Key documents and web resources in arguing for improving or removing laws & regulations which hinder access to HIV testing and/or treatment


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